I’m Matt.

I’m a web wizard, photographer, business analyst, and (when possible) globe trotting nomad.

I grew up in the UK and for a long time that’s where I was based. I trained and worked successfully as a business analyst in London, and I did that for a number of years – until my itchy feet and sense of adventure got the better of me…

I started to dream bigger and I looked at how I could integrate my passions and my skills, then I struck out on my own.

Funnily enough, working as a freelancer and moving in a network of like-minded people has meant I’ve assisted other people in living out their dreams. As they design and implement new business plans I’ve played a key role in making these projects happen.

As a result of the photography and web services I’ve provided for people in this situation, I’ve become experienced in setting up websites for entrepreneurs, digital nomads and business owners.

My background in Business Analysis means I’m well placed to assess exactly how to best present your business, and – crucially – how to separate and best represent it’s key components online. And my photographic eye is fined-tuned for aesthetics and visual design.

I’ll be straight – I’m not some nerdy geek who dreams of exotic programming languages by night but can’t hold a conversation. What you get with me is:

  • a keen sense of design and style
  • the ability to help you workout how best to represent your business online
  • knowledge about how to best choose from the available digital tools
  • excellent customer service
  • someone who talks your language and gets your ideas
  • someone well versed in the challenges and triumphs of setting up and running a business

I’m enthusiastic about YOUR business. I’m also a bit of a perfectionist, and I want you to succeed. That means I’ll work hard to make sure your new website is as kickass as I can make it.

To apply for a quote, hit the button below and complete my simple design brief questionnaire.